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Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths

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International Women’s Day has arrived! What better opportunity to recognize the leadership of the women of Las Torres Reserve, those who leave their mark and open new paths in this natural destination. 

Since the beginning of Las Torres Reserve, women have played a leading role in its consolidation as a sustainable tourism and conservation project. Today, decades later, we want to continue to recognize all the women  - their leadership, experience and dedication - that have been a part of making the dream of Las Torres Reserve a reality here at the end of the world.

There are many stories of women that make Las Torres Reserve an inspirational place. However, we must begin with the story of señora Amor Eliana Marusic, who was married to Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, owner of Estancia Cerro Paine Ranch. Amor Eliana was a woman who when she set her mind to something, normally achieved it. She was a fundamental part in ensuring the success of Las Torres Reserve due to her perseverance of the project, and as the mother of four children, she also laid the foundation of a united family that would support the project for years to come.

You could see the leadership of Amor Eliana reflected in the work of her daughters. Vesna Kusanovic, who was in charge of managing the ranch and its livestock and Liliana Kusanovic, who, as manager, contributed to the growth of Las Torres Reserve.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths Antonio Kusanovic and wife Amor Eliana Marusic


Also, it's worth noting, the work of the following women: Tamara MacLeod, manager of Fantástico Sur; Liliana Andrea Yaksic, the first bilingual guide; Carolina Escobar, who supported the organic garden; Marcela Olate, who contributed her experience with training to the Hotel Las Torres staff; and Paola Milosevic, who first worked in human resources to then became the General Manager of the hotel.

Liliana, Leader & General Manager 

The story of Liliana is a great example of dedication and success in the workplace. From the beginning she showed a great ability for planning and led the management of Hotel Las Torres for a period of 18 years. With a resilience and a persevering attitude, she overcame various financial and professional challenges for the hotel. She instilled this same strength in her three children as well.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths Liliana Kusanovic


One of her greatest achievements was seeing the people she helped and supported through the years overcome their own challenges and succeed too. “Women have the privilege and possibility to do all things. If you are a woman who is determined, you stand out. We have the sensitivity and the capacity to work together”. - Liliana Kusanovic

Ninoska, A Guide with Paine in Her Heart 

Ninoska Kusanovic Olate is heir to the Kusanovic cattle family legacy. After a brief stint at the reserve years ago, she returned in 2021 to finally settle down and work. Today, she is a “baqueana” or horseback guide. Since she was young, she has had a passion for love and gives all her time to them. She is most passionate about maintaining local Patagonian traditions, being in the midst of nature and sharing her love for this land - inhospitable, but full of beauty - with tourists.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths Ninoska Kusanovic Olate


Here at the reserve, she is affectionately called Nino and enjoys speaking to other women who are inspired by her work. “Take control of your dreams because no one else lives for us, especially in a world that often does not take into account the work of women. Do what makes you happy, and don't feel constrained if it's not supposed to be a 'women's job.'” - Ninoska Kusanovic Olate

Andrea, Cultivator of Life 

Andrea Canales leads the southernmost biointensive regenerative organic garden in the world, right here in Las Torres Reserve. She came to work in the gardens of the Hotel Las Torres in Patagonia in 2022, a place that she continues to learn from daily. She puts her hands at the service of the earth to cultivate the soil and deliver to our guests here a harvest that overflows with vibrant colors, intense smells, and fresh flavors.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths Andrea Canales


“Never stop learning and be open to changes and new ways of working. Relating  to nature and the food we grow and eat is a beautiful job, one where you can contribute to the environment and your health.” - Andrea Canales

Natali, Guardian of The Reserve

Natali Espinoza is the only woman in the NGO AMA Torres del Paine park ranger team. She began working at Las Torres Reserve as an assistant in 2021, and this season she has already led two evacuations of injured tourists. Among her tasks is to protect, guard the Torres del Paine National Park, support the closure of the Trail to Base Torres, take care of the forest nursery and ensure that visitors comply with the park rules.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths Natali Espinoza


Would you like to be part of the guardians of La Reserva? Natali is an example that you can do it. As she says: "Nothing is impossible, always believe in what you do, and to face all kinds of situations it is necessary to adapt to changes, have strength and take advantage of challenges as an opportunity to learn something different." - Natali Espinoza

María Ximena, Transportation Leader 

María Ximena Cárcamo leads the transportation operation for tourists visiting Las Torres Patagonia. For six seasons, her firmness and temperance have characterized her in coordinating traffic at Hotel Las Torres and Trekking Circuits, being in charge of 18 people, who are mostly men.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths María Ximena Cárcamo


Of her work, as she says, it has been done with passion and dedication. She is grateful for the unconditional support of her colleagues in her day-to-day tasks. This challenge has allowed her to demonstrate that what you want can be achieved: "There are no impossibles, because women like us reinvent ourselves, we dream, we fight. If I can do it, you can too.” - María Ximena

Maria Jose, Housekeeping Hotel Las Torres

María José Bernal has been in charge of the Housekeeping Department for two seasons at Hotel Las Torres. The work she and her team do is essential to ensure that our guests have a good experience, a clean room, and can enjoy the common areas in comfort. As a manager, she has been able to motivate and improve her team to continue strengthening their customer service skills.


Women of Las Torres Reserve: Breaking Boundaries & Opening Up Paths María José Bernal


María José is excited to share her knowledge to support new leaders in her field. With a vocation in hospitality, she enjoys her work, and she is always attentive to delivering better service: "It is wonderful to do what you like and enjoy it.” - María José Bernal

We hope this article has inspired you! There are many stories like these that have shown that gender is not a barrier to leadership. More and more women continue to leave their mark for future generations, an opportunity to recognize all those life projects and be successful.

¡Happy International Women's Day!

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