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The Secret for Hiking Your Best in Torres del Paine

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In Chile, a popular saying goes, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a peasant." Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even more so if you face a physical challenge such as hiking the Base of the Towers trail, the famous W, or the O circuit. Our head Chef Joaquin Pitta's breakfast menu includes a selection of fresh ingredients from our garden that will give you an energy boost for your expedition to ensure you enjoy the Patagonia landscapes to their fullest. Discover the key to your best day hiking: Breakfast Las Torres Patagonia style! 

Proteins are essential, especially when you're physically active. We've created our breakfast with a large portion of protein and vitamins for you. Eating proteins makes it easier for your body to repair muscle micro-lesions that occur during exercise and provides the necessary components for optional performance while exercising.


The Secret for Hiking Your Best in Torres del Paine Breakfast in Torres del Paine


The first snack of the day starts early at the hotel. At 6:00 am, our fireplace is stoked and embraces you with a warm atmosphere. Here eggs, a protein rich food, are the stars of breakfast. You can find them in their different versions: scrambled, Benedictine and accompanied by bacon or chorizos.

But our specialty at this time of day is the omelet, made with exquisite fresh eggs and prepared by our omelet expert, Héctor Núñez. His culinary secrets make each bite simply incomparable to any other omelet you’ve tried before. You won't find another breakfast experience like it anywhere else. Don't miss the opportunity to try our signature omelet, created with dedication and passion by Héctor.

As for vitamins, you can enjoy juices and shots created with our exquisite reserve of fruits and vegetables, savoring the flavors of carrots, beets, ferments, and other ingredients such as ginger. You can also enjoy probiotic soft drinks that help improve intestinal flora.

Of course, a steaming morning cup of whole-grain coffee will be available with traditional or vegetable milk. We understand our guests may have different dietary needs, so our kitchen will offer various options, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free selections. 


The Secret for Hiking Your Best in Torres del Paine The Secret for Hiking Your Best in Torres del Paine


As for some of the novelties on our menu this season, our bakery will offer a full range of bread offerings typical of Chile: marraqueta, hallulla, dobladitas , coliza, and amasado. And if this were not enough, you can try our exquisite guanaco jerky. This typical patagonian meat contains the necessary proteins for the most seasoned hikers and will surely be something to discuss with friends and family after visiting the eighth Wonder of the World.

Live each of the experiences Las Torres Patagonia offers, and get ready for unforgettable trekking! Whatever program you choose, our revitalizing breakfast will be waiting for you. Find out more here!