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Patagonia Hiking

Patagonia Hiking

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Each year new adventurers hear the call to hike and to explore the different trails that the world has to offer. The passion for trekking invites us to leave the hustle and bustle of the city, to immerse ourselves in trails that connect with nature, spectacular lookout points, and to the postcards and many memories that will remain forever. And when we talk about Chile, one of the absolute must-see is the Torres del Paine National Park, a favorite for the wide range of trails it has to offer.   

With its vast range and geographical diversity, each of the trails in Torres del Paine connects with different natural wonders, and offers a range of trails that can take you from several days to hike to just one. Today we’ll talk about the different circuits that you can choose to take here with us at Las Torres Patagonia.

Hiking Circuits in Torres del Paine

The Base Torres Circuit (3 Days/2 Nights)

Let's start with one of the trails that will take you to the impressive Base Torres viewpoint.

This hike begins by circling Mount Almirante Nieto, an impressive geological formation that you’ll see as the backdrop to our Hotel Las Torres.  As you approach, you’ll see the trail in the distance along the steep slopes of the Ascencio Valley. You’ll be amazed by the Paso de los Vientos, and can take a break at our Chileno Mountain Hostel, and get something to eat, fill your water bottle, or just to stop by the restroom.

After this short break, you’ll enter the lenga beech forest to reach the last stretch of this route, a rocky and steep trail: La Morrena. In this final part of the climb, you must stay alert, especially when moving from one rock to another. But, as with all hard work, you’ll get your reward. At the top, you’ll be able to relax and renew your energy as you take in Torres del Paine with your own eyes. Click here for more information or to book a reservation.

Hiking Circuits in Torres del Paine

The Express ‘W’ Circuit

The ‘W’ Circuit is one of the most memorable experiences you can experience in Torres del Paine, as you will behold the Base Torres viewpoint, and see Los Cuernos, Valle del Francés, Paine Grande, and the Grey Glacier. 

Here you have complete freedom in how you want to have this experience, whether in a camp site immersed in nature, or in a mountain hostel with bed and food, or in a private hotel room. 

The ‘W’ circuit is so named because of the trail it leaves behind: it starts at one end of the park, goes up and down two in spectacular valleys, and ends at the other end of the park; if seen from above, the entire circuit forms a W shape.

The Express ‘W’ Circuit (4 days/3 nights) option starts early on the first day and includes a hike to the Base Torres lookout point on the same day of arrival at the park. If you don't have much time, but don't want to miss anything, this option is for you. Click here for more information.

Hiking Circuits in Torres del Paine

The Classic ‘W’ Circuit

In this circuit, just as in the express version, you’ll be able to visit the Base Torres viewpoint, the peaks of Los Cuernos, Valle del Francés (‘French Valley’), Paine Grande, and Grey Glacier.

You’ll also be able to choose the accommodations you wish to use for each night of your hike.

While still a physically and mentally demanding experience, on the ‘W’ Circuit you can find luxuries such as comfortable beds, hot showers, delicious meals and refreshments along the way.

This classic version of the ‘W’ Circuit hike is 5 days/ 4 nights, and allows you to relax on the first day and also to visit the points of interest around the central sector.

Click here for more information or to book a reservation.

Hiking Circuits in Torres del Paine

TheO’ Circuit

Dare to enjoy a unique experience in one of the world’s most emblematic circuits, a journey through the Cordillera Paine mountains, where nature will invite you to challenge your body and mind.

During 8 intense days you’ll be amazed by the granite towers that give the park its name, the legendary Valle del Francés , and the impressive Grey Glacier seen from the John Garner mountain pass—where the ice melts into the clouds on the horizon. 

The ‘O’ Circuit gets its name from the shape of the route you travel, as the trail is a loop that crosses the whole park and ends at the same point where you started. You have different options for taking this hike, whether independent and self-guided, self-guided in a group, or hike with a private guide.