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World Tourism Day: Take a Tour of Our Greatest Moments

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A new day breaks over the mountain of Patagonia, Tourism Day, a moment in which we commemorate one of the best enterprises of Chile: tourism. We extend our culture, traditions, and the natural world to visitors worldwide through travel. Torres del Paine is an icon of tourism in Chile. The giant granite towers that rise over Patagonia are postcards of the best of our country. At Las Torres Patagonia, we are proud to continue maintaining this noble work and guiding and educating people about Torres del Paine National Park.

We want to take you on a tour of the milestones that have marked our history and make us proud of the work we all do here at Las Torres Patagonia.

World Tourism Day: Take a Tour of Our Greatest Moments

1 - International Organizations Who Recognize Our Work

Thanks to the enormous work carried out by each of our team members, different organizations have recognized our efforts in creating a cutting-edge tourist destination, which helps ensure a better future for the next generation. This year, we obtained two nominations for the World Travel Awards, one for Responsible South American Tourism and another for Green Leader Hotel. Significant distinctions that place us among the great representatives of tourism worldwide. Added to this milestone is our first-place award in the Responsible Tourism Awards in the renowned WTM Latin America international competition.

World Tourism Day: Take a Tour of Our Greatest Moments

2 - Our Commitment to Sustainability

We know that tourism is an activity that entails commitments. At Las Torres Patagonia, we are committed to ensuring that future generations can witness the same natural wonders we can see today. We have worked for years in alliance with AMA Torres del Paine, whose teams have allowed us to care for, preserve, protect, and raise awareness regarding all the natural resources that make up the Torres del Paine National Park.

In our Welcome Center, before starting an adventure, travelers receive helpful information to visit the park for a responsible and environmentally conscious stay.

World Tourism Day: Take a Tour of Our Greatest Moments

3 - A New Menu in Gastronomy

Every journey to a new place must accompany unmatched flavors and experiences. Federico Gil, captain of Bar Pionero, and Joaquín Pitta, chef of Restaurant Coirón, are responsible for developing menus for cocktails and food that delight our travelers. Their bet is on fresh ingredients, detailed preparations, and surprising results. With us, you can explore the most challenging hikes and trails in the park and then end your day enjoying the freshest and most exquisite drinks and the most delicious meals.

World Tourism Day: Take a Tour of Our Greatest Moments

4 - Voluntourism

As mentioned, we are committed to sustainability and caring for the park for future generations. This is why, in recent years, we have developed an alliance with Conservation VIP, who, thanks to their different strategies in the reconstruction and maintenance of trails, have allowed us to build spaces and routes with the help of volunteers that guarantee a balance between adventure tourism and nature. Thanks to Conservation VIP,  our voluntourism program allows travelers here to work on different projects. We have received voluntourists worldwide who take advantage of learning the park's wonders and leave their mark on the trails leading to each natural phenomenon.

World Tourism Day: Take a Tour of Our Greatest Moments

5 - Patagonian Tradition in Every Corner

Patagonia has many things to offer in its vast natural wealth; one of them is its culture. Not only do people from all over the world come to tour the most famous hikes, but people visit from every continent to learn about Patagonia's traditions and why it's such a unique place.

Travelers can marvel at the Patagonian tradition by visiting our ranch, Cerro Negro. Here, they can discover sheep shearing, herding with dogs, and try the exquisite Patagonian lamb roasted on a stick. Patagonia on horseback will offer an experience of the cultural heritage of our beloved baqueanos, protectors of the land, and expert horseback riders. Enjoy their beautiful stories, drink traditional mate, and visit the farms.

On World Tourism Day, we invite you to be part of a new way of traveling, to be a responsible visitor, and to respect the environment of all the places you visit. Together, we can care for the landscapes the world has to offer and ensure that future generations can enjoy them, too.

At Las Torres Patagonia, our commitment to the future is to continue providing each visitor an unparalleled connection with nature.