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15 amazing pictures you can take on the W Circuit

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W Circuit Map


Arrival at Torres del Paine

For your first day on the W, you have to arrive at Torres del Paine National Park. It’s about a 1.5-hour drive from the Puerto Natales airport.

If you are in luck and the skies are clear, you will have an amazing view of Torres del Paine from the air as your flight arrives from Santiago. You will spend the first night in the Central Sector.

Torres del Paine desde el Avión

Photo: @macs_explore

If you are lucky enough to score a window seat, be on the lookout for this special moment! The pilot usually makes an announcement when this rare, but not impossible, view can be seen. ❤️

Cielo desde Hotel Las Torres

At both sunset and sunrise, you will see the unique colors that can only be found in Patagonia. Take some time to look at the sky, relax, and behold the gifts of nature.


Trail to Base Torres

The trek to Las Torres Base is the most famous in Torres del Paine. The trail crosses stunning forests of lenga beech, ascending to over 850 meters above sea level to face the three granite giants.

Árboles y bosque durante el atardecer

Photo: @criss.orozco

One of your first experiences will be entering a beautiful and ancient forest of lenga beech (a tree native to Patagonia) that offers multiple photo opportunities to help you remember the journey of this beautiful day.

Mujer tomando foto selfie con montañas en el fondo

Photo: @tere.abumohor

When arriving at Las Torres Base it is hard to choose which snapshot to keep! But the one you cannot miss is a selfie with the imposing Towers, with your smile as proof of the joy of having made it through one of the most demanding days of the W.

Pareja frente a amanecer en montañas de torres del paine

Photo: @lostitalianos

This is one of the most popular places to take several pictures. At Las Torres Base, the rocks in the center offer a perfect postcard to remember this unique moment of triumph!


Trail to Cuernos

During your adventure through the W Circuit, you will discover the Cuernos Sector. When you arrive, you will enjoy stunning views of Lake Nordenskjöld, one of the largest in Torres del Paine and with the most dazzling blue. During this day, travelers are shielded by the imposing Cuernos del Paine and their waterfalls.

Lago cristalino con montañas y vegetación en el fondo en circuito w

Photo: @jameswilliamcookiv

When you get to Los Cuernos Sector, we encourage you to go down to the lakeshore to appreciate its crystal-clear waters. Patagonian winds will do their thing to pump your adrenaline!

Dos imponentes montañas sobre vegetacion

Photo: @sebaoos

Remember to look up during this part of the W Circuit to catch some of the best and closest views of Los Cuernos del Paine at any time.

Dos personas sobre rio y puente en circuito w

Photo: @saulsantosfotografia 

One of the best parts of this section of the Circuit is crossing the mighty rivers that flow from the Paine Massif. It is an excellent opportunity to stop and let yourself be transported by the sound of the water!


Trail to French Valley and British Lookout

Once we enter the French Valley, which marks the halfway point of the Circuit, we get 360º views of the Paine Massif, where you can see the different and interesting shapes on each of its hills. Before arriving at the accommodation, you will pass by Lake Skottsberg’s shore, from where you can see the Cuernos del Paine in the distance.

Río y bosque con montañas de fondo

Photo: @carolina__abascal

We can't get enough of the mountains! Behind the lush, Patagonian forest hide the spectacular formations of the Paine Massif, and the French Valley offers a unique opportunity to capture their best views.

Viajera observando paisaje con bosque y montañas

Photo: @followtiffsjourney

At the end of the French Valley, you will find yourself above the treetops, in one of Torres del Paine’s most difficult and most spectacular viewpoints, the British lookout point.

Viajera descansando frente a lago y montañas en circuito w

Photo: @she_explores

Lake Skottsberg marks the end of our journey. This small lake offers the perfect reflection of the Cuernos del Paine in the distance!

Lago color turquesa bajo grandes montañas

Photo: @sebaoos

Once at the Paine Grande Sector we can marvel again at the hypnotizing color of Lake Pehoé, with the Cuernos del Paine in the background. Here we will rest for the night before continuing to the last section of the W Circuit.


Trail to W Circuit's last viewpoint

On the last leg of the W Circuit, we walk until encountering the majesty of the Grey Glacier. Did you know that the Glacier is part of the Southern Ice Fields, the third largest body of ice in the world? After visiting this viewpoint, we will go back to take the Catamaran across Lake Pehoé and wrap up the best adventure you can have at Torres del Paine

Mujer frente a inmenso paisaje y glaciar en circuito w

Photo: @followtiffsjourney

The last valley of the W Circuit runs through the Grey Lake. During the hike, you will come across gigantic pieces of ice that have broken off from the Glacier until you reach its stunning lookout point.

Persona observando inmenso glaciar y montañas

Photo: @michaelmatti

To take a picture like this, try standing a few meters away from the subject, then zoom in with your camera and watch the background enlarge, making the Glacier’s magnificence even more clear!

Bandera de Chile frente a inmensas montañas

Fotografía por @sebaoos

Best farewell postcard, or what? If you take the catamaran back, you will sail across the Park’s dazzling waters and have one last chance to capture the Cuernos del Paine in all their splendor.

No doubt you will take many unforgettable photos to help you relive this incredible adventure. Remember to have fun and live your own adventure so you can make the best memories on your trip!

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